"All our knowledge has its origin in our perceptions."
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General Intro

IFDA is a Rome based association composed by a team of passionate and high profile aviation experts with very specific knowledge and long-term experience in the field of flight planning & optimization.

What we offer

We have signed an agreement with the De Pinedo Institute aiming to strengthen your future professional skills in order to enhance your CV. The entire project has been called "Corso Baracca".


Starting from a sort of no-skill knowledge, further specific courses will be added and, at the end, with our peculiar preparation you will achieve the aviation requirements to succeed any kind of assessment or selection progress.


To pass the experiences to the new generations, to improve safety and promote the aviation culture mainly oriented to Flight Operations Dept.

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About Us

IFDA, The Italian Flight Dispatch Association is a Rome based association founded in April 2016 by a team of passionate and high profile aviation experts with very specific knowledge and long-term experience in the field of flight planning & optimization: "Our mission is to share and offer all our experiences mainly towards the new generation approaching to the flight operations world, focused into the flight planning process but not limited only to these fields.

We strongly believe that the perfect training for the flight operation officer of tomorrow must include even other skills such as human factor, how to improve your communication skill, leadership attitude, how to face at best the changing, and last but not the least how to afford a selection process ( assessment ) Keep in mind that these last topics ( human factor, communication, leadership, afford the changing and how to face the selection process ) it could be a common training courses embedded into all of the “selection process and life aspect “

One of our goals is to prepare as excellence all our associate and we ensures we will have fun in what we are doing. Our focus is proposed in an affordable rate and time-spending, all the lessons will be organized in order to let you decide what’s best fits your needs and/or grab better your passion in aviation. At the end of the course/courses on request, a certificate shall be issued.

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Events and lessons


Meteo 1 - METAR






Pianificazione corto raggio - Parte 1


Pianificazione corto raggio - Parte 2


Mass and balance


Traffico aeroportuale


Gestione del volo in presenza di eventi meteorologici eccezionali

Riccardo Pietronzini
Mauro Ferri
Fabio Ceresani - Salvatore Menditto

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Meet Our Team

Mauro Ferri
Senior Flight Dispatcher

Curriculum Vitae

Fabio Ceresani
Senior Flight Dispatcher

Curriculum Vitae

Salvatore Menditto
Senior Flight Dispatcher

Curriculum Vitae

Riccardo Pietronzini
Senior Flight Dispatcher

Curriculm Vitae

Mario Ruggiero
Senior Flight Dispatcher

Curriculm Vitae

  • "The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams."
    Eleanor Roosvelt
  • "Once you have tasted flight, you will forever walk the earth with your eyes turned skyward, for there you have been, and there you will always long to return."
    Leonardo Da Vinci
  • "I’ve done in my life what I’ve encouraged others to do: to never stop learning, never stop growing, either professionally or personally"
    Sully Sullenberger

Courses Offered

Flight Operations Syllabus I

  • Intro to the flight operations
  • Intro to the flight dispatch role and at the flight planning policy
  • Improving communications skills in your work and personal relationship
  • Getting to grips with change management and leadership
  • Human Factor in aviation safety
  • The flight dispatch point of view in case of flight planning into volcanic ash and solar storm
  • Flight Operations Syllabus II

  • Intro to the Air Traffic Management
  • The Air Traffic Control organization in the U.S.A.
  • Meteo and planning, discovering the difference
  • Company Manuals policy
  • Runway Tables
  • Flight Operations Syllabus III

  • Getting to grips with an assessment
  • Intro to the LROPS (Long range OPS)
  • ATC filing policy for long haul flights
  • Getting to grips with ETOPS

    Version: Second Edition 1998

    In the next future we will aim to be compliant with ICAO Doc 7192 Part D-3 // EASA regulations ORO.AOC 135 (Competency of personnel) and GM1 ORO.GEN.110 (c) para (b) Operational Control.

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